Rapid, Measurable Changes in How You Feel, Function, and Look


Applying my unique approach as a biomechanist and neuromuscular training expert, I will teach you to:

So that you:

Whatever you want to do, you can do it better with my help.

No One Has Given You a Valid User’s Manual for Your Body and I Will. Using Your Body Will Be Easy!

My background gives me the ability to sort fact from fiction, and decipher what physical and environmental factors have kept you from reaching or sustaining your physical goals. You will learn step-by-step ...

...how to eliminate the particular factors that have perpetuated your pain, weak areas, and dysfunction.

Within the first session you’ll begin to feel in-control of your comfort, shape, and performance. Activities that had been rough on your body in the past begin to feel good right away. Within a couple weeks you’ll have a new level of musculoskeletal support exactly where you’ve needed it, and enjoy significant improvement in physical function (endurance, balance, pelvic floor reliability, walking & running speed, etc.).

Different from What You've Tried

Most of my students have tried “everything” without getting the lasting results they’ve needed. Popular approaches fail to be sufficiently comprehensive or are too generic to solve my students’ challenges. Even worse, many approaches offered to fight pain are guided by (sadly ubiquitous) dangerous misinformation. My unique set of approaches are validated by science and are also highly individualized to you. Working with me, you’ll eliminate the multiple factors that have continued to perpetuate your pain. Back, foot, hip, neck, and knee pain don’t need to recur; and they won’t with my help.

From the outset, I will fine-tune your existing activities so that you ...

...build the strength, relaxation, and range of motion you’ve needed in key areas—in no extra time each day. Tell me any activity you do, and I’ll help you turn it into a therapeutic exercise that feels good. I'm also likely to teach you just a few innovative, strategic exercises that accelerate your progress.

You’ll be empowered by essential knowledge and also by automatic patterns for using your body that will keep you safe, pain-free, and maximally powerful in all of your activities.

And the improvements in how you feel and look will expand over the years. One reason why you’ll benefit beyond the time I train you is because I teach you exactly how to help yourself each day independent of me, other practitioners, and gimmicky products.

Think of How Much Easier Each Day Will Be When You Feel Better Permanently

Please contact me to discuss your particular history and goals. Like my other students, you will soon feel like you have “a new body”.

Cheers to staying Strong Where it Counts™,

Pamela has keen observational skills that she applies to improve the skeletal and muscle function of her clients…I find her to be an excellent teacher with incredible compassion and a sincere interest in each of her client's progress and overall well-being.

Dr. Kathryn Gill, M.D. Santa Monica, CA

I met Pamela Rief when I heard her speak to a full house of health practitioners at White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. She disproved widespread myths that stand in the way of spine health. I was very impressed with Pamela's knowledge and clarity. I found her expertise highly complementary to mine for normalising breathing and reclaiming health. We have continued to exchange articles and ideas over the years. Pamela seems to have an encyclopedic understanding of the effects of deviations in joint alignment. She has developed a great number of practical techniques to affect joint alignment and health profoundly.

Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage